Buying property in Sweden.

Buying property in Sweden.


Benefits of buying.

Acquisition of a land plot or apartment in Sweden

It is the Kingdom’s policy not to impose restrictive measures on foreigners wishing to buy a home. However, it must be remembered that the purchase of a residential property does not provide opportunities for a quick and easy acquisition of citizenship.

The situation in the secondary market.

The total cost of Swedish housing depends on the location of the property, the level of comfort and historical value. Buying a home in this case is a profitable investment, since apartment prices only rise.

On the secondary market, the price for an apartment in the center of the capital is less than for new suburban buildings. One square meter is estimated at about 5 thousand euros. In other words, buying a two-room apartment will cost you about 300 thousand euros, a one-room

With regard to new buildings, the Swedish government severely restricts the construction of new facilities. Due to this, the cost of new buildings is significantly higher.

Purchase of a residential facility for foreigners.

Houses and cottages.

Swedish construction companies can design private houses from a wide variety of materials. Wood is considered a popular and at the same time ecological material among developers.

In the north of Sweden, you can look for an inexpensive option of a frame house by the lake. These cottages fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape, they are also warm and reliable. On the shore, you can build a cozy space with a gazebo and attach a pier.

Apartments and studios.

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